The New Generation Polytechnic College in South India

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The new generation polytechnic college in South India St Mariam Polytechnic College is one of the most beautiful technical college campuses in South India. The ISO-certified new generation polytechnic college is superlative at offering different domains of engineering courses at its best. The institution is approved by A.I.C.T.E and affiliated to DOTE. The core mission of the college is to provide technical education in high quality for all the students. The eight prime diploma courses offered by the college are the following;
  • Civil Engineering
It is a variant of engineering deals with the construction, designing and maintenance of natural and physical environments.  Our department of Civil Engineering moulds students to efficiently guide the maintenance and designing of buildings, tunnels, bridges, dams, roads, railways etc. The equipment and facilities provided for the students include Material testing lab, Hydraulic and plumbing, Surveying practice, Construction Practical lab, Auto CAD lab and Computer application.
  • Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering is the professional engineering discipline deals with the application of engineering, engineering mathematics, physics and material science principles to develop, analyze, maintain design and manufacture mechanical systems.  Our department mends students to analyze and investigate the equipment failures and recommend remedies immediately. The Lathe shop, Thermodynamics lab, CNC lab, Welding and foundry lab and many more lab facilities are provided for the students. 
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a branch of science that involves the application of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. Along with the regular curriculum, students are exposed to different instrumentations and servicing like Electrical circuit and mechanical lab, electrical machines and mechanical lab and CAD/ stimulation lab. We help our students to develop their bright future by engaging them in essential field works.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
It is an engineering discipline makes use of non-linear and active electrical components like diodes, transistors, integrated circuits in order to design the electric circuit and other devices. Well established and completely equipped labs are given to the students for their practice and training. Our department encourages job training, industrial visit to achieve experience and proficiency in the field.
  • Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering includes the study of electronic engineering and computer science for developing appropriate computer hardware and software. Our department of Computer engineering consists of computerized laboratories containing 250 computers. The top operating systems like Windows XP, 8,9,10 and LINUX can be utilized for the learning programs of students.
  • Automobile Engineering
Our department of Automobile Engineering has full-fledged equipment with top-notch machinery. Students are given training on the basis of materials, manufacturing technology, heat power engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics etc. The department provides lab facilities for the enhancement of students with an Automobile engine, CIM, automobile workshop, Autotronics lab etc.
  • Marine Engineering
 The Marine Engineering department of our college offers the most advanced equipment and lab facilities for students to get the pace and pulse of the field. Effective job training and industrial visits are encouraged to increase the efficiency of the students. The department is fully fledged with Marine Building lab, CAD/ Marine, Ship construction technology, fire fighting lab and more.
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering
This discipline of engineering deals with the automation, configuration and designing of systems. The course mainly encompasses building up, designing and management of system utilized in a variety of modern industrial setting and it is related to robotic and mechatronic engineering. The course majorly focuses on industrial automation and drives, control instrumentation lab, c-programming and many more.