The advantages and scope of learning BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing & Cyber Security at SJES College of Management Studies, Bangalore

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The advantages and scope of learning BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing & Cyber Security at SJES College of Management Studies, Bangalore

The joy of learning at a centrally located reputed institution
It is always a great feeling to study at a reputed and well-recognized college. The Sri Jayachamarajendra Education Society (SJES) College of Management Studies at Bangalore is where quality education shapes careers and lives. This well-located college at Medahalli in Bengaluru, Karnataka is reputed for its courses in Information Technology, Aviation Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management which all lead to rewarding careers in fast-growing sectors of our economy.

How students are transformed
The emphasis at the college is to create exceptionally smart and informed professionals ready for global job assignments. Every individual student is important for the institution and special emphasis and individual attention is given to ensure his personal grooming, growth, and progress. The courses are designed to enable professional coaching along with international style mentorship – which helps in giving the students both better academic results as well as confidence as an individual. Students who are lagging in any area are given special support. Making students fluent in English is a major area of attention that helps students stand up and speak for themselves.  

Achieving their best

Merit scholarships encourage students to perform better and achieve their best. The industrial-institution interactions which are an ongoing program at the college give unique perspectives on the developments and requirements of the industry. This helps students with an understanding of how their careers should shape up and the right path to approach. The Placement Services at the college has a fine record of placements and is constantly in touch with industry-leading companies to fulfill their requirements for qualified and smart personnel. 

Campus Highlights
  • Fully-functional digital classrooms – fulfilling our PM’s vision for a Digital India.
  • State-of-the-art labs and computer rooms with advanced equipment.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled campus with 24x7 Library Access for research at any time.
  • Lush green environs of the campus set on 6 acres of land with unhampered natural landscape bordering it.
  • Indoor and outdoor games facilities and cafeteria outlets on campus. 
BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing & Cyber Security
Welcome to one of the hottest IT sectors today. Cloud Computing is all about saving money and simplifying business data storage. World over, companies are increasingly shifting to this cost-effective way of accessing services like enhanced computational power, storage and business applications from the cloud instead of from equipment located at their own office.  

SJES offers BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing & Cyber Security – which makes you a multifold valuable candidate in today’s job markets. Not only would you be thorough in computer applications, but you will also have hands-on experience in Microsoft Cloud Computing as well as in the key area of Cyber Security. 

BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security course equips you to be proficient in the use of high-demand application software and networking platforms. The students instantly access careers that are in high demand in India and abroad. As per lead sites, the requirement for Cloud Computing professionals grew by 180% in recent years. The students at SJES learn all the required aspects of Cloud Computing including Cloud Computing technologies, programs, systems automation, data center management, programming, security, management, and business skills. 

Cyber Security is another aspect of the course offered at SJES. It enables the student to become a professional who will ensure that the data is secured from viruses, snooping and espionage. It is especially critical for banks/financial institutions, government and sales verticals where ease of payment is critical to their business success. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow to over 6 million in the coming years. 

The course at SJES with Microsoft Cloud Computing enables the students to tap into the growing demand. They can choose from job profiles including - Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Sales, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Services Developer, Cloud Systems Administrator, Cloud Consultant, Cloud System Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer, etc.