MET's School of Engineering - A Safe and Intellectually Challenging Environment

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About MET's School of Engineering

A progressive engineering college in Kerala, MET's School of Engineering offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that help students achieve a lucrative career and take their life to the next level.  With best-in-class amenities and cutting edge infrastructure, MET's create an incredible environment where learning is fun.

MET's know how to blend academic and non-academic activities to equip their students and make them learn the most-modern technologies and gain the real power to lead a successful social life. As an educational institute that strongly believes in social commitment, Life Science Club, with the help of the Department of Health, the Government of Kerala conducted a one-day Novel Coronavirus Awareness Program, ‘Knowing Coronavirus & Being Vigilant’ to combat the effects of the epidemic. The program was a huge success as many individuals got educated on how to protect their health and prevent the outbreak.

As a leading technical college in Kerala, MET's School of Engineering aims to create a difference in the life of its students by offering excellent learning facilities. As a result of the initiatives, students of MET's got awarded in the All Kerala Project Competition organized by the Holy Grace Academy for developing innovative projects. Mr. K. Nikhil, Mr. Ajay Premadasan & Mr. K. S. Anoop from the prestigious Mechanical Department of MET’s was awarded the first prize for their project ‘Semi Automatic Dry Coconut Shell Remover’.  MET’s also bagged the second prize for the project ‘Biopesticide’ developed by Ms. Irin Maria Peouse, Ms. K. R. Meghana, Mr. Amal S. Raj, Mr. M Muhammed Rafi, Ms. P. S. Aishwarya & Mr. T. Haseeb Nazeer of the Biotechnology Department.

The big aim of MET’s is to lay a strong foundation in all engineering disciplines and heighten the awareness of the students’ social commitment. Worth the hard work, a rare achievement came along their way from the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Kerala. For the first time in history, an engineering college secured an Agricultural Award for the 2nd best institution in the state for successfully implementing ‘Project-Based Vegetable Cultivation’ under the Vegetable Development Scheme 2018 – 19, instituted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Kerala. On behalf of the college, the principal Dr. P. Suresh Venugopal received the honour, where Ministers, MLAs and IAS Officers graced the occasion held at Mundasseri Hall, Chembukkavu, Thrissur. 

The talented and illustrious faculty is dedicated to supporting each other and the students to foster social commitment and responsibility together with rich knowledge in the chosen engineering disciplines.