Why Choose SJES Educational Institutions?

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A good future for a student depends on the education provided to them. For
accessing good education one should join a good institute with great faculties and
great atmosphere along with other facilities. When great faculties teach students in
an environment that is naturally enriching and soothing, the students find it easy to
learn new concepts. Sri Jayachamarajendra Education Society or popularly
known as SJES is such an institution that helps students evolve their personality
and their skills. SJES provides a wide variety of courses. The student can choose
the course that best suits him/her. The main educational areas include
Management, Nursing and Polytechnic. There is a school that is also functioning
under the society.

The motto itself-“Moulding Students for Better Employability” shows that how
important a student’s career is to SJES. The amenities given by SJES include
laboratories, computer centers, and hostels for both boys and girls etc that is world
class. SJES consider library as one of the most important part of an educational
institution, thus providing a very good library with a vast amount of books. The
society also provides scholarships for outstanding students. A weak student support
programme is also developed by the institution to make him/her help in their
studies. The society was founded by Sri. Kaverappa in 1979 to help the students in
developing their aptitude and knowledge skills that will in turn help them to face
the competition in the global economy.