What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is a branch of engineering which deals in creating intelligence artificially so that a computer can perform actions or tasks which usually requires human intelligence. This includes concepts such as speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, translation etc. Those who are interested in Mathematics and Science subjects will also like learning AI.

Today, AI is extensively used in many fields. One of the major example include that of an autonomous or driverless car. This branch develops machines that are able to think on their own.After the completion of this branch of engineering, a vast number of job opportunities are open to an individual. Some of them includes AI Project Manager, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Researcher and Artificial Intelligence Consultant, Robotic Scientist etc. The top companies who recruit professionals in this field are Google, Apple, Amazon etc.

Knowing AI is also the key feature behind the production of robots. As this branch of science is fast evolving, AI will be used by everyone in the near future to make their lives easier. Google, Microsoft and other big names in this sector is conducting extensive research to improve and develop AI. So the demand for engineers in this field will also increase paving way to a huge number of job opportunities.