Top Institute for Studying Biotechnology Engineering - MET'S School of Engineering, Thrissur

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                                                   Biotechnology Engineering can be regarded as a field of applied Biology and Chemical Engineering principles which involves combined technology to enhance and optimise the quality of a living cell or to produce a particular product with the desired traits. Genetic Engineering and Tissue Culture comes under this field of study. The branches of Science such as Genetics, Molecular Biology, immunology , Biochemistry, Microbiology and Cell Biology are integrated in the field of Biotechnology with Chemical Engineering and Bioinformatics. As India is developing in the field of Biotechnology, the scope of job opportunities in this field will be maximum in the coming years. The areas that focuses on Biotechnology in India includes Biopharmaceuticals, Bioinformatics, Agricultural Biotechnology, Bio-fertilizers, Plant Biology, Animal Biotechnology and Marine Biotechnology.
The job prospects in this field includes:

*        R&D units of Pharma Companies
*        Food processing Industry
*        Chemical Industry
*        Bio-processing Industries
*        Drug and Pharmaceutical Research
*        Environment Control
*        Bioinformatics
*        Forensics
*        Clinical research etc.

  With a Biotechnology Engineering degree, one could help the World in developing better medicines and agricultural products that doesn’t have any harmful effects on the environment. To get the best education in this field, a student should study in the best Educational Institution. METS School of Engineering, situated in Kerala offers quality education in Biotechnology. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the staff members and students of the Biotechnology Engineering Department rose to the occasion and joined together to produce hand sanitizers as per the directions of WHO in METS Biotechnology Engineering Research Lab under the guidance of Prof. Deepak Varghese (HOD, Department of Biotechnology), Mr.Vinod Paul &Ms.NimyPallan (Assistant Professors, Department of Biotechnology). Thousands of sanitizers were distributed to the public at free of cost. The Campus also established a dedicated Corona Care Center and arranged a community kitchen to help the needy. Online classes was conducted by the Campus so that the lessons are not missed by the students during ‘lockdown’, holding the slogan "No Lockdown for Learning".