The only College that offers 3D Printing and Modelling in Kerala-Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET)

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ICET (Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology) is one of the most premier colleges in Kerala. The engineering courses offered here has a very high value as compared to other institutions. The latest course which will be offered at ICET is 3D Printing and Design. 3D Printing and Design is one of the latest developments in technology. Earlier 3D visualization was used, now it paved way to printing objects in 3D. Nowadays many consumer products are produced with the help of 3D printing. In the near future, majority of the products will be made with the help of this technology. So companies will need professionals who are efficient and trained to control systems in this field. Understanding the importance of the opportunities that will be created due to the advancement in this field, ICET will be introducing 3D printing and Design in the Campus when AICTE gives the approval.

3D Printing enables the user to physically print objects before the eyes of the user rather than the traditional printing using ink and paper. This allows anyone with the required knowledge to rapidly print prototypes of the original version of a product which one intends to create out of materials that are made up of plastics or metals. The industries that will be most profited with the advancement in this field will be that of automobile makers and aerospace industries. While using this technology, time can be consumed as it takes only less time than the traditional methods while making products. This technology will be helpful for variety of areas such as electronics, medicine, defence, food industry, construction and other manufacturing industries. There will be a huge demand for professionals who can print objects three dimensionally at a very low cost, so pursing this field of study can bring out a better future.