Study in the Best educational circle-Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions

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While taking up the role as a student one should always get admission among the best institutions available. Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions, working under the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust is one of the pioneers in providing quality education in many areas of study. Established in 2001 under the leadership of Shri K.M.Pareeth, renowned politician and social leader, the Trust grew under his wings. The first venture of this trust was in the form of an arts and science college-Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science. The trust developed other educational institutions such as the following in the later years-

1.     Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences
2.     Indira Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology
3.     Indira Gandhi Polytechnic College
4.     Indira Gandhi College of Paramedical Science
5.     KMP Polytechnic College
6.     KMP College of Pharmacy                         

Top end infrastructure and facilities are given to the students that help them in their academic as well as extracurricular activities. The wide and far reaching curriculum of the group of institutions helps every student to pick their course of interest. The institutions provide a career oriented approach to the students. The faculties are very much experienced in their respective areas of study, guiding a student in every areas of his/her life.