Study Robotics and Automation Engineering at Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology

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        The future of Robotics in India and abroad is very huge. From manufacturing robots to experimentation in the field of medical, automotive industries and in military there will be huge potential for job opportunities. We all know that robots are used in many fields such as laboratories, mining, space explorations etc. which requires guidance from robotics and automation engineers. Automation and Robotics Engineering helps in reducing the human labour in many fields. Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET), researching the job opportunities created by this field have introduced B.Tech in Robotics and Automation in the College along with other courses in B.Tech such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Computer Science Engineering specializing in Cyber Security and also 3D Printing and Design. All these courses are subjected to AICTE approval, and these fields of study can be regarded as a future of technology.  
         Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science is another important field of study that emerged as one of the highest growing and lucrative career in technological industry. The students will gain multidisciplinary expertise in technological skills such as AI, data modelling, machine learning, and data analytics etc. The focus of this course is to help students to build skills such as statistical, knowledge discovery, mathematical and reasoning along with machine learning.  With the rapid rise in internet and related activities, the demand for cyber security professionals are also on the rise who are skilled in eliminating cyber threats. The course provided by ICET, Computer Science Engineering in Cyber Security focusses on this aspect of the cyber world. The exciting career prospects after the completion of this course is also one of the reasons for its popularity. After the completion, the students will be able to work as information security officer, forensic computer analyst, security architect etc. 3D Printing and Design helps the students to be in the forefront of technology and have huge job opportunities in aerospace and automobile industry. ICET provides top class education in these areas of study and helps the students in securing a good job in the future.