Study Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at KMP Polytechnic College

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KMP Polytechnic College is one of the educational institutions under Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions governed by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. Regarded as one of the best educational institutions for pursuing academics in the field of technical education, KMP Polytechnic College provides affordable and excellent education to the students.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering deals with the study of electrical power generation, equipment, and their design. Most of today’s industries need trained electrical and electronics engineers for uninterrupted working of the company. The diploma course provided by the College in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is mentored by the well qualified and trained professionals. After the successful completion of the diploma course, one could also join B.Tech stream directly to the second year through the lateral entry scheme.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering can be considered as one of the core and most diverse branches of Engineering. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at KMP Polytechnic College trains a student in the respective field and gives emphasis on the theory, design, experimental work, and computer simulation. The Department is committed in providing the most advanced and updated knowledge in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience. The subject matter in this field of study ranges from semiconductors, electromagnetics, circuits and electronics, and electric power, to control, computer, communication, information processing systems etc. and are taught with the help of the most modern equipment and labs. This includes Electrical Measurements Lab, Electronics Devices & Circuits lab, Electrical Workshop, Digital Lab etc.