Study Biomedical Engineering from Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology

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Biomedical Engineering or BME is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that combines mathematics, principles of medicine and engineering and applies them to healthcare. The challenges created by the diversity and complexity of living systems require creative, knowledgeable, and imaginative people working in teams of physicians, scientists, engineers, and even business professionals to monitor, restore, and enhance normal body function. The biomedical engineer is ideally trained to work at the intersection of science, medicine, and mathematics to solve biological and medical problems. A biomedical engineer will typically design systems and products, install, adjust, maintain, repair, or provide technical support for biomedical equipment, evaluate the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of biomedical equipment, train clinicians and other personnel on the proper use of equipment, work with life scientists, chemists, and medical scientists, research the engineering aspects within the biological systems of humans and animals, works as sports biomechanics specialist, development of artificial organs and implants. There are only a few Colleges in Kerala which offer B.Tech in this stream of study. Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology is one of the premier Colleges that offers the best education in Biomedical Engineering.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering was established in 2002. The programme evolved to be one of the highly rated among the academic and industrial fraternity in the country. The Department is having collaboration with many industries and hospitals which helps the students in developing and enhancing their soft skills. The much appreciated industrial Center of Excellence in collaboration with the tech major GE Healthcare and an Innovation Hub by IVD leader Agappe Diagnostics are few unique initiatives by Sahrdaya Biomedical engineering Department. Research initiatives of the Department helps the students to develop their industry ready skills and entrepreneurial potential. The Department won many national and international innovation awards for its various projects which includes IEEE Award at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference at Silicon Valley, Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award from Rashtrapati Bhavan New Delhi and many more and they continued innovation journey by introducing much appreciated multipurpose decontamination device LUMOS to the market in the fight against COVID -19.

The Department is nurturing high calibre biomedical professionals by integrating mathematics, engineering and medicine through quality education with excellent faculty and infrastructure. The students are also encouraged to be socially and ethically responsible by the department.