Setting an Example to Society- Jai Bharath Group of Institutions

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Jai Bharath Arts, MBA, Engineering Colleges functioning under Jai Bharath Education Foundation, Perumbavoor launched some activities to tackle the deadly COVID-19 virus. In association with VengolaGramaPanchayath, NSC Online Taxi Workers Group, the College has started a mask making unit in the premises of the campus. This venture was inaugurated by Perumbavoor MLA Adv. EldhoseKunnapilly. SwathiRaji Kumar, President of VengolaGramaPanchayath and Vice President Eldho Moses also graced the occasion with their presence in the inaugural ceremony which was held on 29/04/2020.

Recently the Jai Bharath Arts and Science College made headlines when a low cost ventilator named ‘Prana-Vaayu’ was developed by the students and professors on the wake of COVID-19 outbreak.This multi-feature ventilator can be adjusted to meet the requirements according to the age of the user. Jai Bharath Educational Group Chairman A.M. Kareem said that the mask making unit was started in order to tackle the special requirements due to the rise in COVID -19 cases in India. The Principal of the College, Dr Nizam Rahman said such systems will be beneficial for the future generation to be self-sufficient. This initiative will enable the students to study and have a earning through self-employment. Taking the challenges ahead in to consideration, uniforms and other essentials along with learning materials for various schools and educational institutions will be prepared with the help of students. There is also a plan for building up a unit for making sanitizers.Jai Bharath Engineering College Principal, Dr Abhilash K.S. said that as Kerala Government stated, self-sustainability should be started with students and thus help the society to tackle the current scenario with the combined effort of all of us.

As part of the 'Break the Chain' campaign, students under the Research and Development section of Jai Bharath Engineering College built a completely automatic sanitizer dispenser which uses sensors to dispense the sanitizer according to the need. In the first phase this dispenser will be set up where people are likely to gather and in some Government institutions. The portable and low cost automatic sanitizer was built by the students under the guidance of Prof.Ranjith Kumar(Vice-Principal ), Prof. Sandeep KS (Head of Mechanical Department)Prof.Mr.Jibin Jose, Mr. Prasad and Mr.Sujad.