New Attractions at Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET)

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ICET (Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology) is one of the leading colleges in Kerala. With the developments in engineering and technology, new streams in B.Tech are emerging and is leading the way to a fruitful career. Some of new streams that will be creating a number of job opportunities in the near future includes

 B.Tech in

1.     AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Science
  2.     3D Printing and Design
  3.     Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)
  4.     Robotics and Automation

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Science will help in the huge transformation of the country. In the near future everything will be based on A.I. and will be extensively used in every sector. The necessary analytical and problem solving skills which is an important aspect of this field of study will be imparted by the well qualified and experienced mentors of ICET. 3D Printing and Design is one of the latest developments in the engineering world. This technology helps in the rapid printing of consumer products with in a matter of seconds or minutes. ICET is the only College in Kerala that offers 3D Printing and Modelling with finest training and industrial collaboration. With the advancement of this technology, there will be a huge number of job opportunities especially in the field of automobile manufacturing, defence, medicine etc.

As cybercrimes are on the rise, there is a huge demand in need of cyber security specialists who can tackle these attacks efficiently. Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Cyber Security is one of the new courses offered by ICET. The curriculum of the course revolves around cyber security principles and how to tackle cyber threats.  MNCs recruit professionals specializing in cyber security to overcome such threats and the Government is also giving jobs to professionals in this field who have extra ordinary skills in tackling a cyber-attack.

Robotics and Automation is another important area of study which is also a rapidly developing one. Nowadays, robots are extensively used in many sectors which helps in reducing the human labour. There are many fields that is completely dependent on robotics and automation such as space exploration. As there is a rapid rise in the use of robots, there is also a large number of job opportunities in this field.
ICET, analysing the huge job prospects of these courses, have introduced the same in the College. The new courses are approved by AICTE and subject to the affiliation. These new additions to the College will help the students to update their knowledge based on the current trends and thus helping them build a brighter future