MTTM (Master of Tourism and Travel Management)- SJES College of Management Studies

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SJES College of Management Studies is one of the best institutions under SJES Group of Institutions. Competent professionals are trained by SJES to excel in various fields such as hospitality, travel, tourism and hotel management. The Department of Tourism Studies at the Campus is having the best mentors and is imparting quality education to students.Overall development of each student is closely watched by the teachers who provides the necessary insight. Competent professionals in the field of tourism are nurtured by the department by equipping the students with analytical, conceptual, communicative and organisational skills that would facilitate adaptability to any situation.

MTTM (Master of Tourism and Travel Management) is a post graduate programme that consists of field trips and varied activities. The students should be interested to learn about the different sectors of the tourism industry to excel in this field of study. As travel and tourism is an ever expanding field with a minimum number of qualified professionals, the job opportunities are immense for a post graduate degree holder. The remuneration is also higher compared to other fields in similar category.

The theoretical and practical aspects of the study helps the students to grasp the different developments in tourism and management. The activities provided by the College during the course of study helps the students in building good interpersonal and communicational skills along with other co-curricular activities. The lucrative opportunities after the completion of MTTM includes Airlines, Tourism Departments of various State Governments, Hotels etc.