METS Group of Educational Institutions Fighting against COVID19

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METS Engineering College, METS Arts And Science College and METS Polytechnic under Mala Educational Trust are becoming examples to every other educational institutions through theirrelentless service to the society during this critical situation. While everyone were busy with their daily chores, the students of METS under the leadership of their mentors were on a mission to serve the public. With the outbreak of the deadly Corona virus, COVID19, the need for hand sanitizers and face masks increased rapidly. When the price of the hand sanitizers rocketed up, the common people found it difficult to procure. Here is where, METS thought of providing a remedy to this by manufacturing their units of hand sanitizers, following all the directions provided by WHO, and also providing the necessary awareness to the  public about the role of cleanliness in controlling the disease.

The students and staff members of METS participated in ‘Break the Chain’ initiative put forward by the Government of Kerala to fight against the spread of this disease. The students of Biotechnology Department of the College along with the staff members and the Principal Dr. P. Suresh Venugopal distributed the hand sanitizers made by the College to the public assembled at Kuruvilassery Church, at free of cost. METS College along with Kuruvilassery Library distributed the sanitizers to the people assembled at Valiyaparambu junction as a part of the campaign held to create awareness on the proper use of sanitizers and how it helps to keep the disease away. These sanitizers were also distributed to those who are home quarantined in Mala GramaPanchayath through Panchayath Members. By joining hands with Kuruvilassery Service Cooperative Bank, METS Distributed their sanitizers to the public at Mala Bus Stand. Nearly 1000 hand sanitizers have been distributed by METS to the public till the date. Apart from these, the students of METS fixed "Break the Chain Campaign" posters, which conveys the importance and the correct procedure of washing hands at the time of this epidemic, in core locations of Mala where people gathers around.