Let’s Fight for a Better Tomorrow -MET'S School of Engineering

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The pandemic, COVID-19 have caused havoc all over the world. Kerala is one among the many states in different countries that have effectively curbed the spread of the corona virus. This was made possible due to the combined and effective efforts of the Government and the society that includes different organisations, educational institutions etc. METS School of Engineering is one such educational institution that have successfully implemented many steps which helped in ‘flattening the curve’. The first step taken by the Campus was to form a team consisting of 31 staff members from all the Departments with Principal as its convener. The team along with the students of METS joined with the Mala GramaPanchayat and other local bodies to restrain the virus. The Campus implemented compulsory ‘Break the Chain’ initiative by installing sanitizers at the entrance that was made by the students. The hand sanitizers was also distributed to people at Valiyaparambu Junction by joining hands with KuruvilasseriGrameenaVaayanashaala. An app was also developed by METS School of Engineering providing many facilities which included emergency medical services, fast reach of basic entities such as groceries, medicines etc. An appreciation E-mail was sent by the KTU for the actions taken by the college against the spread of COVID-19.

The institution is trying to impart social responsibility skills in students through these activities. The students are made aware of the enormous challenges faced by humanity due to the climatic changes, on the occasion of ‘Earth Day’ which is observed every year on April 22. This year the theme was ‘Climate Action’. The College is having one of the best IEDC (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cell) in the State. The Vibrant Clubs & Cells functioning in the Campus helps for the total development of Students. The College have to its name nearly 20 Government funded projects which shows the enthusiasm of the teachers and the students. A very strong Parents Teachers Association helps in the smooth functioning of the College. The residential study camp organised one month before the University Exams by the College is a great help to students and have produced many University Rank Holders. The campus is also helping the students to start their own venture through Campus Start-ups. A wide variety of Add-on Online & Offline Courses are offered by reputed Universities to the students of the College.