Kerala’s Fight against COVID-19- Thejus Group of Institutions

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Kerala, a small state in the southern part of India, is setting example to the World in the fight against COVID-19. The efforts taken by the Government and officials with the active participation of the people of Kerala have helped in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 cases in Kerala. The robust public health system of Kerala is effectively tackling the current situation. As the world looks upon to Kerala for the steps and measures taken to curb the spread of the virus, the educational structure is also given applause as it can be definitely said that it is one of the best in the world. The engineering students of Kerala rose to the occasion and have built many prototypes of low cost ventilators and many other essential items which are most needed in the current situation. Portable mini-ventilators designed by the engineering students and other similar items could soon be made available to meet the challenges faced by the people of Kerala.

While the number of COVID -19 patients increase exponentially in the international level, the situation in Kerala is improving day by day. Though Kerala led the list of affected cases initially, it is in the bottom of the list at present. This reiterates the fact that Kerala, not only is a tourist destination, but has many other positive opportunities. It will not be much late in the future when Kerala will be looked upon as an educational hub and treatment destination. 

It is a pity that many students from Kerala fall prey to false advertisements of world-class education facilities by institutions from other states and also from abroad for their professional studies such as medicine and engineering. We have been hearing pathetic stories from many such students about what happens there. While institutions with excellent facilities and brilliant faculty are struggling to get their seats filled, Kerala students are fleeing to institutions outside Kerala by paying 2 to 3 times higher fees than in Kerala. Now many such students are suffering in various places without food and shelter and not  even able to return  home.

The practical exposure provided by the educational institutions in the state of Kerala is world class and the students who are considering to go for studies in other nations should definitely consider Kerala as an option for their higher studies. To have proper mental and academic development, one should study in the best educational institutions that provide healthy atmosphere and necessary facilities. Thejus Group of Institutions, situated in Kerala is one of such institutions that provide world class education and training. It is a social venture of Cheruvathur Foundation that creates brilliant minds who would eventually help the world to develop in every possible ways.