Great Vigour and Enthusiasm of Students- Sree Narayana Mangalam Institute of Mananagement and Technology (SNMIMT)

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The student community of the College is the greatest strength of an educational institution. A student should have a positive impact on the society. This positive attitude will only be developed in a good campus providing the same. Here is where SreeNarayanaMangalam Institute of Mananagement and Technology (SNMIMT) differs from every other educational institution. Situated in Maliankara, in Ernakulam district of Kerala, the College have been a guiding light to students for many years. Recently, during the outbreak of the corona virus, which turned the world upside down creating panic and fear among the people; the students of SNMIMT along with their teachers rose up to the occasion and tried to help the people. On observing that there were no sufficient safety masks for health workers in the area, the students made the masks and handed it over to the Kodugallur Municipality officials, so that they can distribute it to the health workers.

The skills of the students of the campus in co-curricular activities can also be seen through different technical fest that they conduct annually with the help of their mentors. Recently, one of such tech-fest named, Gurutwa2020 showcased the enthusiasm and the technical knowledge of the students to its zenith. The official logo of the programme was launched on 28th January 2020. The colourful and magnificent event was held on February 18, 2020. There were many technical and non-technical events related to this programme such as auto shows and workshops. The campus provides a platform for the students to showcase their different talents, to explore and to innovate. Each Department of the College participated in the fest with vigour and enthusiasm and was on a race to show their technical and non-technical skills.