Great Achievement for KMP Polytechnic College

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                       KMP Polytechnic College is one of the most famous colleges in Kerala in the field of technical education. The self-financing institution is governed by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. The institution is affiliated to the State Board of Technical Education of Kerala and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The college imparts good quality education in the field of science and technology. The institution also offers scholarships to meritorious students. The college is committed to generating and preserving knowledge.          

              Recently young prodigies named Nithin Xavier, Adithyan, Athul Krishna studying in KMP Polytechnic College developed a fully functional motor plane and bagged the first prize in ALBATROSS-Aero Design Challenge held at TKM Engineering College, Kollam. The students are in their second year. A special mention should be given to Nithin Xavier who is the mastermind behind this project. Nithin loved to make paper planes when he was a kid. His creativity also grew along with him. After seeing the famous movie ‘3 Idiots’, he wished to make a drone in which he succeeded. Now he is developing another drone named F-450. The award-winning model created by Nithin and his team was not just made in a day; it was the fruit of their hard work. Support provided by the mentors in developing the plane was very much instrumental to Nithin and his team. Nithin Xavier wants to pursue a career in Aeronautical Engineering. KMP Polytechnic College provided him with every necessary support. The chairman of the college Shri K.M.Pareeth announced that Nithin Xavier will be given a full scholarship and he was also given free stay at the hostel to avoid the long journey from his home. The KMP Polytechnic College provides every support to students for developing them into great human beings and is always committed for generating and preserving knowledge.