Ethical Hacking-Definition and Scope

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Hacking, as everyone knows, is an attempt to get unauthorised access to one’s computer network. Hackers are the persons who are highly skilled in computer and related activities. There are three types of hackers-the one who hacks for their personal gain is called black hats, the grey hats are the ones who notifies the admin of the network system about the weakness in a system. White hats or ethical hackers are the one who hack to check the level of security and to make the system more hack proof.

Ethical hacking is performed by a company or individual to help identify the threats in the computer. Internet security and networking is one of the most important sectors that is rapidly evolving. Thus ethical hackers are hired by famous multinational companies to find the vulnerability in their system. Financial service providers, airlines also recruit cyber security experts to increase their security. Some of the job prospects includes

Security consultant
2.     Security Certified Programmer
3.     Chief Information Security Officer
4.     Security Auditor
5.     Security Investigator
6.     Network Security Engineer
7.     Data security specialist
8.     Computer Forensics Investigator etc.

Defence organisations under Government sector also employ ethical hackers. Forensic laboratories, detective companies also hire ethical hackers as part of their field of work.