Education With Social Commitment- Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences (IGIDS)

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                 Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences (IGIDS), is one of the several educational institutions under Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions. The Management and the faculty focuses on moulding the students into efficient and socially committed Dentists. The students develop interpersonal and societal skills as the frequent interactions with the different strata of the society is arranged by the campus. Being a world class provider of Dental Education, the institution moulds a student into a great human being as he/she steps out of the college, into the society. The societal interaction programmes conducted by the College helps a student to know the different problems faced by the common people and while they take up a profession after the completion of the course, they could help the society to develop in some or the way.     
               The College recently conducted various awareness activities as part of the World Cancer Day, in February 2020. The awareness activities included a poster competition along with making the people know about various cancer types, its causes and prevention. On May 31st, ‘World No Tobacco Day’, the students of IGIDS made a pledge to quit tobacco at Lulu Mall with a ‘flash mob’ and a skit on the theme-‘Say No To Tobacco’. An oral screening for diagnosing oral problems was also conducted to about eight hundred people gathered around. This was a part of the program ‘IAOMP National Conference, 2019’ at Trivandrum in which the institution collaborated along with Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists. The
Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions gives much importance to social service as well as education. During the deadly floods, which Kerala faced during the past years, the students organised a Relief Campaign which was a great help to the needy during the hard times.