Computer Science and Engineering Specializing in Cyber Security- Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET)

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Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET) is one of the top Engineering Colleges in India that provides the best quality education in engineering and technology. Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Cyber Security is one of the latest course introduced by ICET which is subjected to approval from AICTE. Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) will be having large job opportunities as we can see that the rise in cyber-crime requires professionals in this field to check on this matter. The career after completion of this course will be exciting for those who likes to work in this field. The scope of evolution and betterment is one of the added features of this course. The curriculum of the course revolves around cyber security principles and how to tackle cyber threats. With the increase in usage of the internet and related media, there is a rapid rise in cyber related crimes. This course helps in handling such threats. Some of the job prospects after the completion of the course includes the following

 1. Cyber Security Administrator
 2. Forensic Computer Analyst
 3. IT Security Consultant
 4. Network Security Analyst
 5. Information Security Lead
 6. Information Security Analyst
 7. Cyber Security Engineer
 8. Cyber Security Architect etc.

 MNCs recruit professionals specializing in cyber security to overcome the threats such as hacking. The Government is also giving jobs to professionals in this field who have extra ordinary talent in tackling a cyber-attack. Some of the Government Sectors that give a large number of job opportunities in this field include DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) etc. Some of the top recruiters in this field also include Google, Facebook, IBM, Wipro, Cognizant etc.