Career Opportunities in IFRS- Vidyarupa School of Management Studies

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As everyone knows finance is a complex field. To succeed in this field, one
has to be aware of the latest trends and developments. IFRS is the newest
development in the field of finance. IFRS or International Financial
Reporting Standard is a globally accepted set of accounting standards for
business accountancy that generalizes parameters. IFRS helps in globally
comparing and accessing books of accounts. India is one of the fastest
growing economies of the World. Irrespective of various challenges,
convergence to IFRS in India significantly changed the financial sector.

Youngsters who wish to work in the finance field can go for a training in
IFRS so that it would improve their job prospects. There is also a high
demand for IFRS professionals in India. IFRS experts can also offer
consultancy services to companies adopting IFRS standards. Now it is
mandatory for the people who seek job as Chief Financial Officers, Chief
Accountants, Finance Managers, Bank Managers, Auditors and Portfolio
Managers, Financial Controllers etc. To be a good IFRS professional and to
widen one's required skills, he/she have to study in the best educational
institution. Vidyarupa School of Management and Technology provides the best
training in this field. A tremendous opportunity is provided by this
educational institution to attain great heights with this course. With more
than 120 countries that either require or permit the use of IFRS, this
knowledge is a fundamental core competency for accountants. Vidyarupa also
provides quality training in CMA (USA) with the best infrastructure