Building Humane Values in Students-ICET (Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology)

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ICET (Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology) is one of the best Colleges in Kerala imparting exceptional education in the field of engineering and technology. Along with the studies, the students are made aware of the importance of building up humane values and skills to help and develop the society.

 The NSS wing of the College is very active and strong. This Department of the College is aiming at developing the personality of a student through social service. The students are given proper orientation to help the community, to acquire necessary leadership qualities and a democratic attitude.

 ICET participated in the Fit India Plogging, an initiative by the Central Government of India which emphasizes on physical fitness as well as making the environment clean and tidy. The NSS Volunteers of the College, as part of the NSS Golden Jubilee celebrations conducted a Mega Blood Donation camp partnering with the Youth Red Cross unit (YRC) of the College as well as Government. Blood bank, Aluva and IMA Ernakulam.The YRC unit of the college became operational from 5th February 2015. The unit currently has a considerable volunteer strength. The volunteers undergo training in First Aid and after clearing an examination become certified First Aid Practitioners. As part of the ‘Punarjani’ project, the NSS Volunteers of ICET renovated many Government hospitals in the locality of the College.

 There are also various programmes conducted regularly by the NSS wing of the ICET. Some of them includes chlorination programs against hepatitis, immunization programs, old age home visits, agricultural works, road constructions, awareness rallies etc. The NSS wing of the College have received the NSS State Award in the year 2019 and also the NSS Punarjani Award in 2017 & 2018. Definitely, the College is imparting some serious social skills in their students. ICET can be regarded as an ideal space for building up social skills as well as academic skills.