B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science- Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET)

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ICET (Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology) is one of the premier colleges in Kerala offering quality education in engineering and technology. The new addition to the college, B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science will help in developing skilled individuals who will cater to the growing demands in this field. The next huge transformation of the country will be based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data science.

The College will create the most brilliant minds in this field through the highly qualified mentors and unique way of learning. In the field of AI and data Science, one should have good skills in problem solving and analytical thinking. ICET imparts these necessary skills in students. The programme at ICET helps the students in gaining the required statistical, reasoning, mathematical and visualization skills in their field of study.Finest training with industrial collaboration is one of the salient features of this college.

The main objective of this field of study is to equip the computers with intelligence which helps in solving many day to day problems. Artificial Intelligence will be used extensively in every sector in the near future, such as the commerce or scientific field, creating a huge number of job opportunities. The course helps the students in building up cross-disciplinary expertise that in turn helps them in finding a lucrative career. Some of the job prospects in this field of study includes the following

Full stack developer
2.     Software architect
3.     Data analyst
4.     Data warehouse engineer
5.     Machine Learning Engineer
6.     Data Scientist and many more