Assisting in Analysing Career Opportunities- Brindavan Group of Institutions

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Brindavan Group of Institutions is one of the famous cluster of Colleges in Bangalore offering a very good education in various fields of education. The Group of institutions helps the students in analysing the job opportunities out there and helps them in gaining the necessary skills that helps them meet the requirements in their respective fields of work. Brindavan College of Engineering offers internships on various courses based on the requirements of the engineering graduates.  The internship helps the candidate to understand the practical implementation of the concepts learnt in the class room. The technical knowledge of the students are increased which in turn increases the possibility of getting a job. The experience which most companies look out for are fulfilled by completing an internship.

  Many workshops such as Career Counselling Program, Personality Development Program, Business Plan Competition and Confederation of Indian Industry Conference are conducted on a regular basis by the Group of Institutions. The workshops motivate the students in setting their goals and their confidence are levelled up through their active participation. A special coaching in English is provided by the Group of Institutions for the students hailing from different states so that they can effectively communicate with each other and it is also an added advantage to their career as well. Performance of the students in their academics are assessed on a regular basis thus ensuring a proper training. The different cultural associations functioning under the colleges promote good qualities in students that are very much important to survive in a fast changing world.