Affordable and High-Quality Education at Vidyarupa School of Management Studies

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                  There are only a few educational institutions that offer affordable and high-quality education. Vidyarupa School of Management Studies is one such institution that offer the best education in the field of Finance and Accounting (F&A). Vidyarupa has a large student community-both regular and online. For an excellent career in the future, education based on Finance and Accounting will create the best of the job opportunities. At Vidyarupa, the mentors provide the quality education possible in the area of F&A   and in Business Management too. Vidyarupa is accredited as the Gold Training Course provider of Institute of Management Accounting (IMA-US) for CMA (US) and International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP-UK) for IFRS programmes respectively. Vidyarupa has received IAAP-UK’s Best Training Centre Award. Vidyarupa is also been recognized as the authorized testing center for Microsoft Excel.  
                     Through the educational programs at Vidyarupa, the institution manages to impart the current trends in education to students that help them in keeping the right pace. The experienced faculty members are having an in-depth knowledge in their respective areas of teaching. The teaching methodology is in such a way that it gives importance to the interactions between the teachers and the students, in a professional way. The revision sessions held regularly helps the students with their lessons and the necessary guidance is also given to them, till they are qualified. The campus provides all modern amenities