A New Way of Learning- Jai Bharath College of Management and Engineering Technology

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Jai Bharath College of Management and Engineering Technology is an institute committed to provide world-class career-oriented Education and Training. Engineering at Jai Bharath is about belonging to a college that strives for excellence in teaching & learning, research & scholarship and community service. The educational institution has started many initiatives to provide quality education during this ‘lockdown’ so that the students are not cut off from their studies. This also shows how the online platforms can be used in a positive way to boost the learning of the students. As COVID-19, the deadly virus made the lives miserable, leading an individual to be separated from the society, the College transitioned the learning process from offline to online mode very successfully. As a result of this transition, the way of learning has changed and has opened doors to new opportunities.

 A research suggests that an individual have increased retention of information while learning through online medium which also takes less time compared to the traditional way of learning. The Campus uses many online platforms and social medias to educate the students. Google Classroom which is a product from Google is used by the faculty and students to organize assignments and to boost collaboration between them.

There are a number of benefits from online learning. Firstly there are no distractions as in a classroom, making it much easier to focus. More individual attention can be given to students and online content is made easily accessible to the students by the College. They also use Zoom, Whatsapp and YouTube to communicate with each other and also to make video lectures. Recently, the College as a part of its social commitment through its YouTube Channel is giving coaching to plus two students who are writing their board exams. The College is also providing video lectures on many streams of engineering and other subjects that is of great help to the students of Jai Bharath as well students from other educational institutions.