A Helping Hand towards Society-Holy Grace Group of Institutions

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Holy Grace Group is one of the premier educational institutions in providing the best education in many disciplines. Apart from imparting education, it is very much noted for social responsibility and humanitarian concern at the critical times. The recent initiative of Holy Grace was to offer a helping hand to the people who are struggling hard to overcome the lockdown-misery.  As we all know, COVID 19 crippled the normal life of people. The ethically driven management felt that it is the time to serve people by providing food items and essential commodities required for the ordinary households in and around the institution.

It must be noted that Holy Grace is providing lunch and dinner for the patients and the bystanders at K.Karunakaran Memorial Community Health Centre Mala regularly. The gesture of concern and charity that we started thirteen years ago is still continuing without any break. The timely delivery of the food at the hospital even during lockdown was a great relief for the patients.In addition, our students used to pay visits at the hospitaland comfort the patients whenever they are free.

When lockdown prolonged indefinitely, Holy Grace felt that the bed-ridden patients and the physically weakare badly in need of medical assistance at their door steps.Immediately a mobile medical service was set upin association with Mala GramaPanchayat. The programme was inaugurated by Adv. V.R Sunil Kumar MLA at the GramaPanchayat Hall on 28/04/2020. This was one of the first initiatives of its kind in Thrissur District.

A college bus was converted into a moving hospital which consists of a team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists to offer medical aid to the patients suffering from various diseases. Medicines are also distributed along with health checkups. It was a great help for the people who are unable to visit the hospitals in the lockdown days. The bus reaches the houses of the patients once they register their names at the health centre. After informing the patients sufficiently early, the mobile unit conducts check-upsat each region on fixed days.

Holy Grace gives scholarships to the meritorious students and the economically backward ones as well.  The social responsibility of Holy Grace stretches further to the extent that it had already built and donated two houses for the flood victims in 2018 and another six houses are being completed.