18 Years of Excellence-Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET)

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Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology (ICET) is setting an excellent example by providing quality education for the last eighteen years, since its inception. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and learning facilities provided by ICET is at global standards. ICET believes strongly that leisure, recreation, extra-curricular activities are essential things for students to achieve the peak of their performance. Different opportunities are offered by ICET to express the skills, talents and creativity of students in different fields.

Each classroom at ICET is well equipped with every essential commodity. To ensure the proper flow of fresh air and light, adequate number of windows are provided in every classroom. The well-furnished separate hostels for gents and ladies are supported by live-in residential living staff who organize regular events, activities, and study sessions. The first aid centre working at the College handle any emergencies and is fully equipped with a vehicle and a driver which is working 24 hours.

The Central Computing Centre provides computational facilities to all users in the institute. Students, staff, and faculty from all departments, sections, and centres in the campus can obtain accounts to access internet and email services. A high tech smart board is used by ICET for visual presentations and live programmes. ICET has 11 KV HT power supply with a 400 KVA transformer. The college has 125 KVA and 63 KVA D.G sets and each boys and girls hostel has a separate 12 KV D.G sets. All computer systems are connected to “ON LINE” UPS units with a total capacity of 160 KVA.

The department store is well stocked with essential commodities such as stationaries, cleaning products, medical supplies etc. the reprographics department provides printing, copying, and binding services to staff and students. With a seating capacity of about 150 people, the canteen at ICET provides a wide variety of delightful food in a hygienic environment.